"I cannot put into words how much I love you. I have loved you since that first conversation, and I love you today, and I will love you tomorrow, and every single day after that, endlessly - beyond our lives and into the next."

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"I have to stop falling in love with memories."
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"We fell asleep together in February
woke up together in March
10 minutes ago, you rolled over in your sleep
and pulled me against your chest so hard
that I couldn’t breathe
but your chest against my cheek began to matter more than air."

Elka Tolhoek, “March” (via elkayvonne)

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I’m in love with you,
And Im not in the business of
denying myself the simple pleasure
of saying true things.

I’m in love with you,
And I know that love is just a
shout into the void,
And that
Oblivion is inevitable,
And that
We’re all doomed
And that
There will come a day when all our labours has been returned to dust,
I know the sun will swallow the only
Earth we’ll ever have,
I am in love with you.
~Augustus Waters


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